CoolSeat Pro

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Keep your cool while driving with CoolSeat Pro. This innovative device offers instant relief from excess heat, making your journeys more comfortable and safer. Discover how CoolSeat Pro can transform your driving experience.

Instantly Get Rid Of The Excess Heat

CoolSeat Pro provides instant relief from the sweltering heat inside your car. With its powerful adjustable directional air blowing feature, you can say goodbye to sweaty backs and uncomfortable drives. Simply attach CoolSeat Pro to your car’s headrest, and feel the difference immediately.

Powerful Adjustable Directional Air Blowing

Experience the power of CoolSeat Pro’s adjustable directional air blowing technology. You can customize the airflow to suit your preferences, ensuring maximum comfort during your drive. Whether you prefer a gentle breeze or a stronger airflow, CoolSeat Pro has you covered.

Makes Driving More Comfortable And Safer

Driving in hot weather can be uncomfortable and even dangerous. CoolSeat Pro enhances your driving experience by keeping you cool and focused on the road ahead. Say goodbye to distractions caused by excessive heat and enjoy a safer, more comfortable journey.

Super Low Power Consumption Technology

Worried about draining your car’s battery? With CoolSeat Pro’s super low power consumption technology, you can enjoy a cooler drive without any added stress. Rest assured that CoolSeat Pro will keep you cool without impacting your car’s battery life.

Fits All Car Brands With Movable Head Rest:

No matter what car you drive, CoolSeat Pro is compatible with all car brands that have movable headrests. Its universal design ensures that everyone can enjoy the benefits of a cooler drive. Simply attach CoolSeat Pro to your headrest and experience instant relief from the heat.

No Battery, Safe To Use In Very Hot Environment:

Safety is our top priority, which is why CoolSeat Pro is designed to be safe for use in even the hottest environments. With no battery required, you can trust CoolSeat Pro to keep you cool without any risk of overheating or malfunction. Drive with peace of mind knowing that CoolSeat Pro has you covered.

CarSeat Pro is a car seat cooling device made of latest technology. This device highly popular in Deutschland, España, UK, Israel, France etc.

Price of CoolSeat Pro cooler:

  • Buy 3 CoolSeat Pro, GET 2 FREE ($ 30/each) – $149
  • Buy 2 CoolSeat Pro, GET 1 FREE ($ 36/each) – $109
  • 1 CoolSeat Pro ($ 59/each) – $59
  • 2 CoolSeat Pro ($ 45/each) – $89
  • 4 CoolSeat Pro ($ 32/each) – $129


Say goodbye to uncomfortable drives and hello to a cooler, more enjoyable journey with CoolSeat Pro. Experience the instant relief of excess heat, stay focused on the road, and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. Upgrade your driving experience with CoolSeat Pro today.

As long as it is well looked after you’ll find that it lasts a long time. A lot of users comment on the fact that it is one of the best investments they ever made and still sing its praises many months later.

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We treat every customer with the same respect that we would hope to be treated with which is why we are always on hand to answer your questions.

If for any reason, the product you receive does not live up to your high standard, we would be happy to discuss a replacement and try to remedy the situation the best we can.

We try to make every purchase as easy as possible which is why you will find we offer a wide range of payment methods. We accept most common bank cards and beyond that, you can purchase using PayPal which is one of the most popular methods.


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